Hear what our customers have to say!

Donn Duncan, CEO Johnstone Supply- Upstate

We were looking for a way to increase our profitability and Dees Consulting more
than delivered. Dees Consulting was able to give us a fresh look at our overall
profitability and has made a tremendous impact on our company. We saw a
significant increase in our gross margins and our inventory turns!

They took the time to understand who we are as a company and gave us several outstanding solutions. We wholeheartedly recommend Dees Consulting to everyone we know.

Chris Dickerson, Owner Johnstone Supply - North Carolina

We signed up with Dees Consulting in early 2020 hoping to improve our overall database management.  Immediately I was impressed with Colin’s willingness to initiate and find answers from our Corporate team and our ERP Provider.  Colin worked in the background of my business independently following our discussions on areas needing improvement.

We were able to significantly improve our database with Colin's understanding of overall business strategy.  Colin’s experience in HVAC distribution helped us identify issues and discuss paths to improve those deficits.  Right away, he was able to help us systematically set up our new sales center located in Gastonia, NC.  They were able to make a huge impact with our product, customer, and overall search optimizations which got so many positive reviews from our employees. 

Dees Consulting helped us improve our profitability by rebuilding our pricing strategy making us more competitive in specific areas and more profitable in others.  During our first conversation, Colin mentioned providing a simple “toggle” that he could build in to our database that would allow for simple pricing adjustment so I could manage profit margins in product groups rather than literally pricing individual items. 

M. Todd Cramer


RFC Co. dba Johnstone Supply

Our experience with Colin Dees has been exceptional.  Starting with discussions about the areas of our business we might need his help, it was obvious Colin’s vast knowledge of the wholesale distribution industry and specifically of Johnstone Supply and our Eclipse ERP system was going to be invaluable.  Whether focusing on processes or system changes in purchasing, pricing, accounting or operations, Colin’s broad range of experience has helped him not only make improvements in the areas we knew needed help, but he has regularly suggested other opportunities for modifications we hadn’t even considered.  Because of the difficulty of defining and quantifying the need/value in the services Colin is able to provide, we would have been hesitant to create a full-time position to address these needs, but the a la carte, consulting approach enabled us to fix the needed issues without a long-term or permanent commitment.  If you’re looking for help in optimizing areas of your business, I would definitely recommend reaching out to him.

Tim Cameron
Johnstone Supply 
Savannah, GA

“Working with Colin on pricing strategy has improved my margin over 2%! And he did it using a very simple model that I can easily expand upon in the future. His in-depth knowledge of the industry and Johnstone Supply, coupled with his expertise in working on Eclipse and DDI, truly make his skillset one of a kind. I am very happy with my investment and will to continue to work with Colin on pricing, as well as other aspects of my business, in the future.”

Michael Meier, President/CEO

I wanted to take a moment and follow up on how it's going after your visit here. Our team was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to work with you and especially with the variety of topics that you went over with our team. With the growth we are having the efficiency in our warehouse is critical for our continued expansion.


The action areas for us after you left are – Inventory planning by SKU and location, demand/days of supply, zone planning in the warehouse, generations vs picking frequency, racking optimization, and of course the all-important customer pricing/profitability segment. I know there is plenty more and the bottom line is that you injected a ton of information for us to work on here. The team is fired up and we cannot thank you enough!

Robert Brudi, General Manager Johnstone Supply Birmingham, Al

“Colin’s knowledge in managing customer pricing is industry-leading. Working with him to create a more intelligent, and easy-to-manage pricing matrix across all product segments and customers has been one of the best decisions we have made as a distributor in recent memory.”